A national brand reaching every corner of the country while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

About Us

Founded in 2009, Flare Beverages was born in the beautiful city of Cape Town. A true tribute to the great mountains that surround Cape Town. Flare was founded by Greg Holtman who was later joined by Sean Mc Intyre. With over 100 years of experience in the liquor industry, they continue to guide and steer the company toward growth and opportunity. This experience has resulted in a strong network of international partners, colleagues, and industry friends.

Founding principles of Flare Beverages


It all begins with an idea. The vision for Flare Beverages remains the same as when it was first started, to introduce the South African market to the highest quality of imported liquor. With exceptional year-on-year growth, this vision is being honoured and expanded


Flare is partnered with selected brands to bring something new and interesting to the market. The company maintains strong relationships with strategic partners who have supported us for years and continue to bring the highest quality of liquor into the South African market.


Flare proudly operates in an entrepreneurial structure to allow for transparent feedback and situational decision-making. The team uses the latest software and cloud services to coordinate national workflow structures and governance. Get in touch to become part of our team

Strategic Partners

We are proud of our long standing relationships with international partners, and continue to work alongside them to review product placements within South Africa. From Germany to Japan, these partners continue to work alongside us to ensure the highest standards of quality.